Monday, July 25, 2011

Snake handling

This week, Andy is going to a safari camp at the local middle school. The science teacher has all these animals and puts on a camp for littler kids to more.

"So how was it? Did you like it?"
"It was so cool! I want a snake."

He hasn't stopped talking about the snake he is going to get since he got home. I am trying to be cool as I so clearly do not want a snake. A cat, a gerbil, mice or rats even. But not a snake. I suppose someday an we will end up with an aquarium of assorted cold blooded animals. It just never occurred to me that that sometime would be this soon.

They are moving on to mammals tomorrow. I could much more easily be swayed toward a ferret.

Meanwhile, Texas is driving me batty with this 2,000 days above 100 degrees bull. My AC bill was over $500 last month and that was before it actually got that hot. It hasn't rained since April, I think. We have this cute creek behind our house that is totally dried up right now. Plus, my feet are dry and cracked despite my attempts to put Vaseline on them before bed. And to add insult to injury, my hands are swollen which makes my wedding ring itch. I find myself checking the weather channel online hoping for a stray pop up thunderstorm.


  1. The Babies' Daddy10:21 AM


    No gerbil, no rat, no snake, ne ferret. Just no.

    More kittens, and soon.

  2. OH KB! Woooorrrrddd. Our electric bill was 450 - BEFORE THIS INSANITY! I too pray for thunderstorms, and also my wedding rings fit me better when I was pregnant and 40 pounds heavier than I am now. This is a lot for a Northeasterner. Stay cool, girl!