Friday, November 30, 2007

Starches, sugars and carbs, oh my

I failed my glucose test, that lovely test where you have to drink a bottle of super sweet, flat Fanta-esque orange drink and then get your blood drawn to look out for gestational diabetes. Apparently I was borderline, coming in at 134 when the cut-off is 130. My sister was right, apparently until a year ago it was 140, but they recently dropped it back to 130. Great. That meant I got to back for the three hour fasting glucose test where I have to not eat anything after midnight the day before, get my blood drawn, then drink the Kool-Aid and have my blood taken again at one hour, two hours and three hours. It was pretty grim.

My sister advise me to really hunker down and have a good diet this week in preparation. I think that's slightly cheating, but as she said, if I don't do it now they'll make me do it later. I was even holding back from the Tootsie-Rolls that my office mates have around the office, which is hard for me. While I don't much care for dessert, I do love candy. Drinking the glucose wasn't that bad, I got fruit punch flavor this time, not the orange that I've had before.

It was sort of interesting hanging around a doctor's office. I brought plenty of work to keep me busy, but I love to people watch and wow, is that fertile ground. Things were packed again, apparently Fridays are their busiest day with all the doctors in the office (normally someone is at the hospital). Plus, apparently Fridays are the chosen day for folks to schedule OB appointments since a lot of government workers have compressed schedules. There were several men there to support and a few kids with dads, probably to see the ultrasound. At the peak, there was a problem with enough seats, but this time men and other women were fighting to give them up to a pregnant lady. I must have just gotten there on a good day.

It was also interesting to see all the drug reps stopping by to hand out free samples of vitamins and other things. I counted two in an hour at one point. They all look the same - women in their mid-30s and 40s wearing tight fitting work suits, carrying a PDA and rolling a suitcase.

I got my OB visit in while I was there. BGB is now head down, but again she was refusing to look at us so I haven't gotten a good look at her face. It's pretty cool seeing the ultrasound now. In the beginning, it's just a speck on the screen and now she's so big her body won't fit on the screen. She's definitely looking more and more like a baby which is pretty amazing. I didn't get a lot of ultrasounds with Andy (my old OB was pretty old school and didn't have a machine in her office) so it's fun to see her develop as all I can see day to day is my belly growing and moving. The other bonus of the visit was I had gained less than a pound in the last three weeks. Score! Some earlier appointments were quite disheartening in the weight gain department making me fearful I'd end up with a 20 pound baby so it's nice to know the tide might be ebbing a bit. I wonder if that means I'll get to stay in the clothes I'm in for the duration.

Speaking of duration, I'm at exactly the two month mark until my due date. Not that I'm counting for anything.

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  1. That sucks about failing the test. Hope you and BGB are okay.