Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big smiles

I managed to catch both kids in the same frame. They are pretty adorable, you know, when they're smiling or sleeping, just not screaming that they need something. Andy is doing a little bit of regressing, that I think is pretty normal for a kid with a new sibling. He wants to drink milk out of a baby bottle (I cut the top off an old nipple so he has a "special" one that's all his own). He also cries his fake cry when he wants my attention. He sees that it works for Meg so he's trying it, too. And since it usually works, I need to do a better job of not responding when he acts like that.

Another unfortunate part of this regression is he doesn't like sleeping through the night as much. I find her schedule has been more predictable than his. It further convinces me that it may be 2015 before both of them sleep through the night at the same time.

I caught an adorable short video of Meg smiling yesterday. Unfortunately, neither Blogger nor YouTube are cooperating getting the video public.

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