Monday, April 28, 2008

Public toilets

Andy is doing great with the potty training right now. I can't get him to wear his new underwear. He insists on wearing a pull-up or a diaper, but he is telling me when he has to go and then goes. It's going to take some adjustment on my part to be able to jump when he says he has to go. Like yesterday at Target, we had sat down to a fine meal of chicken tenders and nachos from the $2 menu when he announced he had to pee. I had to quickly put lunch in a bag and rush to the toilet. We ended up eating lunch out of the bag later as we shopped. Fortunately, it was just the two of us. If Meg were with us, it would have been a bigger challenge to quickly get moving.

This all brings me to the subject of public restrooms. I'm not a germaphobe by any stretch and I'm not afraid of public toilets. With a bladder as small as mine and my affection for wine, public restrooms are something I got used to a lot time ago. But I just sit on the seat. Andy, meanwhile, has to lean his little legs up against the toilet and sometimes rests his penis on the toilet bowl because he's not quite tall enough. I always make a point to wipe him down afterwards, but still, ick. And last week at Chipotle, there was a line for the Ladies room so I had to go in the Mens (and is it Ladies' and Mens'? I need to look that up). Anyway, we went in the Mens' room which was just disgusting to begin with and having to touch the nasty toilet seat with my hands to get him ready, well, ick. Sure, I washed down afterwards, but it was still gross.

In the last few months, Andy has gone to an every other day bath schedule, but with Meg spitting up on herself all the time, I've taken to giving her a bath every day to wash the smudge off her hair and neck. I think he's going to need one daily, too, until he's at least tall enough to not molest the toilet when he pees.


  1. oh the public toilet thing. oh. Certain places have nicer restrooms than others and you will start to frequent them based on the restrooms, not the quality of food/ service/ products. sad. We did good on the whole public thing until some HAG (while we were waiting) decided to flush her toilet about 5 times fast (don't really want to know why). The noise that made scared George so bad that, even now, he says "is that a loud flush? Is that an automatic flush? If it is automatic, he won't go at all and if loud, then he waits until completely done, goes outside the stall and covers his ears (w/ lovely unwashed hands). I still hate that woman for flushing so much and scaring the guy.... What do you do?


  2. Andy is afraid of a lot of toilets, too. "Too loud!" he shouts, so I often let him stand outside while I flush.

  3. I actually hold Jack up so that his pipper sort of hovers in front of the toilet. Then nothing touches him.

  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I have my boy stand on the toilet seat and hold him so he does not fall in. Aim his squirter at the water. Keeps his boby from touching where strange unclean bums have set.