Monday, April 14, 2008

My list

Inspired by this site, here is a list of things going on around here:

  1. Operation big boy pants (i.e. potty training) has been temporarily suspended due to a sudden bout of diarrhea. Yes, it's as gross as it sounds.
  2. Last week, we had potty training boot camp at a friends where we let the boys run naked in the back yard for several hours. Andy did great. Then I went to another friends and he went on the carpet. We ended up having to give the boys a bath to get Andy clean.
  3. Is there a Hallmark card with the sentiment, "I'm sorry my kid soiled your home?"
  4. Andy said unbidden last week, "There is no crying in baseball." What a good boy.
  5. In response to me telling him he could do X, Y or Z after he did something else, he said, "No, Mommy. I'll make you a deal." I was so surprised I wanted to know what deal he would offer me. He didn't have one (and doesn't seem to quite get the phrase), but it cracked me up because I must say that a lot.
  6. Meg slept from 8:45 last night until 5:15 this morning.
  7. That would have been great if Andy wasn't up at 4:45 this morning wanting something.
  8. I have hurt my back, probably lifting the car seat in and out of the car and have been sleeping with a heating pad.
  9. Meg is smiling and talking a lot. However, I can't seem to get her to smile at the camera. It clicks just as she stops smiling. I took about 20 pictures of her after-smile this weekend.
  10. My tulips in the front yard are gorgeous.
  11. Our tax return is on its way to the IRS in Atlanta. I even went and mailed it personally at the post office to ensure it had enough postage for all 47 pages and the check.
  12. Bjorn is out of town until Wednesday. Boo hoo.
  13. I watched the E! True Hollywood Story of Owen and Luke Wilson. Who knew they grew up so close to me in Dallas?
  14. The laundry is totally done. And folded. And (mostly) put away. I want a medal.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    A medal. Right.

    Tell who washed and folded like a champ (this time)...

    also, tell who got up in the night to comfort Andy, and who cleaned the all-day diarrhea diaper yesterday evening...

    and explain who herded kids instead of watching Russert and McLaughlin while you dominated on the soccer field.

    Now, go get your medal.

  2. Bjorn does deserve a medal. And he can get it once he's done galavanting through Symrna. =)

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Smyrna? You let him go to Smyrna? Did you have him tested for communicable diseases when he got back. Did he suddenly appear inbred?