Sunday, May 04, 2008


Andy has been having good luck making poop on the toilet (sorry, Internet, I'm looking for better ways to say it, but damn, this post is all about crap so cute phrases are not going to work here). The cool thing about it, other than not having to change dirty diapers, is how supportive our world has been about this. Last week at playgroup at the library, he said he had to go poop, we went to the bathroom and, sure enough, he went. When we went back inside, he proudly told the room and everyone cheered. It made him feel great. And today at his grandmother's, he went again and she rewarded him with a cheerful high five and some ice cream. It was perfect. He loves the sweet rewards of ice cream and popsicles, but I think he likes the cheers from everyone else almost as much.

The exciting news is that he didn't have a dirty diaper all weekend. I take that back, he did mostly poop in his underpants at the toy store only to catch himself 3/4 of the way through and finish on the toilet. Once he was done, he proudly declared he wanted ice cream for pooping on the toilet. I didn't get into it, but does he deserve a reward for that? I still had to rinse out his underwear in the bathroom sink and without a spare handy, he went commando until we got home. And while him going on the toilet is somewhat cleaner, I do find I still have to help pretty significantly with the wiping part which can be just as gross as changing a diaper.

In other news, Bjorn's darling cousins are visiting from Sweden. Don't you love this picture of everyone with their eyes closed? (There are a few better ones that I added to Flickr, but this cracked me up.) It's been fun seeing them and they came bearing cool Swedish gifts, including an awesome Elsa Beskow book for Andy in Swedish that will certainly help me piece together a few more words. They also brought blue and yellow hats. Can you tell?


  1. Yay! It looks like Andy is really close to being completely potty trained! I do remember, though, babysitting a little two year old once and feeling a little awkward when she called me into the bathroom and said she was ready for me to wipe. This was after the same little girl had asked me to leave the bathroom so she could have some privacy, or as she said it "pwivacy".

  2. Andy says he wants his privacy, but that just means he wants to close the door with me inside with him. I'm hoping he eventually grows out of wanting an audience while he's on the toilet.