Friday, May 23, 2008

Daycare update

The test run went well yesterday at the new babysitter. Meg was with her for about four hours. She took one good nap in the morning and was sleeping in Ayesha's arms when I arrived. I sat with her and watched and talked for another couple of hours and we agreed Meg will start on Tuesday. This lady is very nice, has two kids of her own in school and seemed very welcoming and flexible.

I have calmed down considerably from my freak out. My sister recommended making a list and I did. Turns out that helps a lot. I also need to keep reminding myself that I'm looking for a babysitter, not an adoptive family. Meg is going to be looked after just a few hours a week, it's not boarding school.

I've been grateful for all the support from friends like you guys and others. In a few days, I've lined up short-term several alternatives, including Andy's old babysitter and a college kid who could work a few weeks before starting a job. It's a relief to know that other options exist. I'm also intrigued by the nanny/au pair idea. Anyone have a good experience with that?

P.S. I updated the pictures on Flickr. There are some funny ones, including Andy helping Bjorn build a gate -- in his underwear naturally. I also caught some of Meg smiling.


  1. Yahoo! Glad to hear that you (and Meg) are in a better place physically and emotionally. It is SO hard when you leave YOUR BABY with someone else. To have little Meg held and hugged? sounds great! Frances

  2. Laura9:53 PM

    My SIL and another good friend both have au pairs and love them. If you want to talk with either of them, let me know-I am sure they'd be happy to share their experiences. SIL is on her second or third au pair and has another coming this summer.

  3. Have a relaxing weekend. Glad that you now have some peace of mind.
    Jenn's Mom