Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Empty nest

Mark's room after he left.

His apartment from the outside. It's a four-plex of four bedroom, two bath apartments.

Mark in his shower. This is probably the cleanest it will ever be.

His bedroom, which is actually rather large.

The kitchen with the washer and dryer off to the right here.

Looking through the kitchen to the living room.

So Mark is gone, off to Old Dominion University and out of the house. I knew it was coming. I think we were all ready (well, he was probably most ready). All the same, it's totally weird with him gone. The noises I hear in the kitchen aren't him coming in, but most likely a cat or Andy sneaking out of bed. His room is empty. Really empty as he took the bed, desk, dresser, chair, lamp and nightstand with him. Considering he really wasn't around that much what with school, the gym, reffing and general carousing, I am surprised by how weird is it to know he's gone. On the positive side, the food in my refrigerator seems to last a lot longer.

In other news, I'm having serious second thoughts about Meg's day care and I'm actively seeking other options. I'll post more on this later once I fully wrap my mind around what I want to do.

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