Thursday, January 29, 2009


In the midst of a long-winter funk where we've all been trapped in the house, sick and sick of being indoors, I'm trying to stay positive by thinking of all the fun stuff I want to do in the relatively near future (sorry, Bjorn, you might even have to come with me on some of these). These are in no particular order except how I was writing them in a staff meeting the other day. Some are obviously longer term than others.

1). Teach Andy to read and Meg to walk.
2). Visit the Newseum.
3). Get move involved in my community, like the pool and soccer for Andy.
5). Write a book. My plan -- to write a book on having a second kids. Thousands are out on the first baby, but I haven't found anything practical on handling two.
6) Start taking master's degree classes at Mason again.
7). Teach the kids to grow a vegetable garden.
8). Go to the beach, possibly even with friends (are you listening Mo and Bill?)
9). Win an award personally (I have no idea what, but it would be fun).
10) Present an award.
11). Climb the stairs of the Washington Monument.
12) Join a church.
13). Take a yoga class.
14). Publish a paper.
15). Teach a class.
16). Take and frame more photographs for around the house.
17). Get Andy involved in swimming lessons.
18). Leave the kids overnight and go somewhere just the two of us!

To be continued...constantly...What else should I want to do?

Edited to add:

19). Get tickets to Mason basketball games.


  1. You should want to come to San Francisco and visit. Fun place! Napa awaits too!

  2. Or, bring the kids for us to babysit.

  3. Aren't mothers brilliant?!? Yes, K, that now includes you since you are a mom...but I'm thinking your mom in this instance. I see two birds with one stone...visiting your mother and leaving the kids overnight so you guys can go somewhere just the two of you!!

  4. If it wasn't for my friendly and wonderful swim instructor Christina. I think I wouldn't have taken to swimming so much. I'll be sure to send my kids to take up lessons with her. Where did you learn swimming anyhows?