Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dollies. Having a boy first, we never really went through baby dolls. Andy has his dogs and never really showed much interest in dolls. Of course, I don't think I ever gave him one explicitly, but when we were with my nieces or other girls with them, he wanted to play with the baby stroller and not the baby.

Now I have a daughter and things are different.
I picked Meg up from her babysitter's on Monday and she was dragging around a baby doll. She was reluctant to give it up so Ayesha let me take her home. I promptly named her Daisy after the famous air gun that I'd seen with my folks at the NRA firearms museum that day. (I'm not a queen of naming stuffed animals like Betsy, but I am actually rather proud of this one).
Since then, she's been carrying Daisy everywhere and sleeping with her. Not to be left out, Andy now says he wants a doll, too. I tried to give him a soft doll that my mother gave Meg for Christmas, a doll I promptly named Remy, short for Remington, sticking with my weapons theme. He instead wants one just like hers. That doll that we haven't gotten yet, will be a boy, Andy says. And I will name him Colt, after the rifle as well as the after the Texas quarterback Colt McCoy.
Picture is somewhat unrelated, but I really like it.

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  1. George, a loyal NRA member, would be so proud of you.