Thursday, June 04, 2009

Photo gallery

Meg didn't get to go on our trip, so I had to take adorable pictures of her before I left to show off. Note the new pink shoes and the open strap -- she insists on keeping the straps un-velcroed. I can't explain it. This was also after she climbed the big kid slide and went down by herself. That kid is a fearless climber.

Tia with Emma and her totally awesome hair that morning.

My birthday tiara was actually far less interesting than the seriously awesome fudge cake Mom, Mary and Bitsie picked up at Celebrity Deli.

Bjorn is horrified by his manly little boy dressed in a hula skirt and pink hat. I personally think he looks pretty cute.

The customary bathtub picture of the kids. We are going to try to get a photo every time they're together in the tub. This will probably be a problem in few years with a very high mortification factor.

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  1. wow. so how fast exactly are your's and Elizabeth's kids growing up? WOW! EVERYBODY looks so much older. Especially Meg and Emma. and Megan. And Andy. OK, EVERYBODY. So cute!