Thursday, July 27, 2006

All grown up?

I knew it was happening - that Andy was growing up - but somehow I didn't really believe it. This morning, we were getting ready. I had already changed him into his clothes and I was trying to let him know that I was leaving (I'm trying not to just sneak out, as I think that makes him more freaked out). After I told him that, he sprinted to his room, got his sandals and brought them to me. It was a pair of shoes - not just one - and they were his, in fact, the ones he wore yesterday. He then climbed up onto his chair and sat calmly while I put them on. Seriously, when did he get this big and grown up?

This weekend we're taking a trip down to Lexington, Va., so Mark can look at a college. Andy and I are tagging along so we can look up my college friend, Michelle, who it turns out has her own Web site and everything. Talk about grown up - when did we get so old?

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  1. Aw, I want to go to Lexington! Have a beer at The Palms for me.