Monday, June 30, 2008

And the winner is...

Trixie is the name of the bunny. I know you were all waiting anxiously for that. Please alert the media.

Andy started in his new class last week and loves it. It's so great that he loves it, it really is, but he half the weekend asking if his school was open. He was even asking for Miss Paris by name. I think he has a little crush. Bjorn even reported that at drop off day, he didn't even give the perfunctory, "But Daddy, I'm going to miss you." Instead, he waved and said good-bye. Today I even picked up Meg first and then went to get Andy, giving him an extra 15 minutes at school. Even then he wasn't quite ready to come home.

Meg is just beyond adorable right now. She loves to smile, a lot, and kicks her legs in excitement when I walk in the room. Man, is it nice to be the prettiest, funniest and smartest person in the room for her. Unfortunately, the poor little chicken has developed a little constipation. I only mention it because when her belly hurts, man, she is unhappy. When she's normally so happy and smiley, it's such a shock when she seems inconsolable for longer than a few seconds. I did discover the hard way that a warm bath seems to, er, ease her system. I tell you, there is so much of this motherhood stuff that is just disgusting.

Meanwhile, does anyone know how to back up a Blogspot blog? It occurs to me that since this is the only baby book my kids are going to have, I should figure out how to create a back-up to ensure that I have the information for them.

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  1. Hey Katherine,
    I think I've got some info about backing up and/or printing a blog on my Yahoo Group. I'm heading to bed now, but I'll look into tomorrow and see what I can find for you. Also if you need tips on the constipation thing, I know there's been discussions about it on my group so I can dig up info for that too if you need it.