Saturday, June 21, 2008

Name the bunny

Andy's friend Mia gave Meg an adorable bunny that Meg is quite smitten with. Mo is kindly picking up two extras from the same store (I will pay her back) so that in the event of an accident or bunny kidnapping, we will have a spare and all will not be lost.

I am no good at naming animals, stuffed or otherwise though. I had three gerbils growing up named Brownie. I know, quite original. Since Meg is not quite able to name the bunny for herself, I thought I'd open it up. Any suggestions?


  1. How 'bout "ears" or "floppy"... just seems like it should be something to do with the ears. You could always use "June" too since she got it in June. That's all I've got!!

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Paul has a bunny that we have named "Bunny". I guess that means wea are even less good at naming animals than you are--but it works for Paul and Bunny!


  3. We also use the original name of "bunny" for Mary's bunny. Hey and the account of your moms wedding is so lovely and wonderful. That is neat for you to have that written down. I wish I knew my folks story. OH and happy belated birthday to YOU!


  4. How about Beebee (for Bennett Bunny?)

    Or you could go for the classics -- flopsy, mopsy or bugs. (cottontail's too long for when you're yelling as you run out the door "did anyone grab cottontail??")

    Any not so classic bunny names? How's humphry or stu? But Meg's a girl so how about Pearl or Nora? Not commonly used names. Nora the Bunny??? How about Trixie (short for Beatrix, then you could get the whole classic potter reference in a not so classic way)...


  5. How about Cookie Mattox? Cookie Mattox for the girl that got your Mom paired up with your Dad. Cookie would be cute. Mattox would be cute and different and go well with Meg. When I look at the bunny I think it looks like a Cookie. So CUTE you could eat it like a cookie.

  6. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I like Sir Hops a Lot.

    Hopsy for short.


  7. I tend to go for the less obvious. Like "Frank" or "Louis" or "Tito." How often do you meet Tito the bunny?

  8. Hef
    Hopalong Cassidy


    wait for it...

    Dennis Hopper.