Monday, June 30, 2008

This and that

Andy has developed some really awesomely annoying habits:
* He now asks, "Are we there yet?" Over and over and over again. No amount of answer seems to satisfy him.
* Andy is now pitting his parents against each other to get what he wants. "Daddy, can I watch TV? Mommy said I could." Did Mommy actually say he could? No.
* He is extremely bossy. At the point, I pointed out that the sign says, "No Diving." Now anytime another kid gets in the pool, he has to point out to them at there is NO DIVING.
* He loves to ask, "why?" about anything and everything. No amount of answers seems to satisfy him and if I ignore it, he keeps right on asking until I finally say something. The only thing that seems to work (and then only temporarily) is to ask him why he thinks Calliou is bald.

The poll on naming the bunny ends today. Trixie (Wendy's suggestion for a derivation on Beatrix Potter) is in the lead.


  1. Bethany12:04 PM

    I'm going to have to use your tactic of turning the tables on the "why" questions. Jackson is so fed up with me, when I ignore him, he'll shout, "Talk! Mommy, Talk. I ask you a question?" And then he'll add, "and DON'T say 'I don't know!'"

  2. The "why threes" are preparation for the "fearsome fours" when kids act like rebellous teenagers even though they can't spell their last name.