Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dress up party

Today was Meg's baptism and the whole day went remarkably well. She looked adorable in a while outfit my mother picked out (including a bonnet that we omitted at the service since, you know, she'd be getting water on her head and all). There was another baby girl getting baptised at the same service which took the pressure off us a little. We managed to stand up there, look mostly presentable and Meg opted against puking on me. She didn't even mind when they put the water on her head (three times actually, which was nice, but seemed like a lot. Clearly, I'm not much of a church goer).

In the beginning of the service, it was all six of us on the front row. At about 11:30, Mark and Jennifer left to go pick up the food we were serving for lunch. About 11:35, Bjorn took Meg out once she started to make noise. About 11:45, I sent Andy out with my dad as he had to go potty. That left me sitting on the front pew by myself. I would have left with Andy, but it felt wrong for all of us to leave before the service was over, "Yeah, thanks for the baptism. See you at Christmas!"

Afterwards, we had a few family and friends over for lunch. It was kind of nice having a dress up party for a change. Aside from weddings (or, gasp, work), it seems that we never go out wearing our good clothes. I actually have a theory that at work we should have dress up Mondays. We have casual Fridays, why not dress up Mondays? That way, everyone wears their nice stuff once in a while without getting accused of interviewing. Plus, everyone wears their stuff often enough to know that it still fits, rather than waiting until a event to realize the pants are two sizes too small. I think preventing guys from coming to work in a suit two sizes too small really benefits everyone.


  1. Good baptism story but where are the photos of the event?

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Sorry, pictures to come shortly...I can't seem to coordinate the post, the pictures and the baby at the same time.