Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life kicking my ass, 2.0

Last week I felt pretty good about things. Meg had finally started sleeping better again and both kids were healthy and happy. Flash forward to this week and it's a whole different ballgame.

Poor Andy has been sick all week. And sick to the point that he just cries and screams a lot. It's pretty awful to see and listen to. He seemed much better last night, but had a bit of a lisp. I was worried he was having an allergic reaction, but after an earlyish call to the doctor on call (second time this week) he said without a rash, it was not likely to be a reaction. Phew. Instead it turns out, I discovered late tonight after staying home with him all day, it's a miserable cold/canker sore on the tip of his tongue. I can't see it and Andy won't show me, but Bjorn says he has. Ugh. He was so awful tired and cranky this evening, he went to bed at 6:15 p.m. only to wake up crying about every half hour. Bjorn went in to console him and now they're both asleep together at 7:48 p.m. I am probably not far behind.

You know, just when I think I've got a handle on this whole motherhood of two/working mother thing, something pops up to reassure me that I don't know jack. Thanks, life! I know, this is all temporary, everyone will get healthy again. And then I see pictures of older siblings (like this blog from a woman I went to Emory with) and I smile knowing that we're not too far away from Meg and Andy being able to talk to each other and have a real relationship and that makes me incredibly happy


  1. sorry you are going through this. Sounds like hell. To the other side of the illness! NOW!

    Saw your folks and sister and her darling children this past weekend-They are wonderful! Ben's uncle died, so an emergency trip to Little Rock with quick stayovers in Dallas...

    I wish you some rest and Andy some too...

  2. Hey there! So sorry to hear that Andy is ill. I once had both with strep and the one thing that seemed to provide a little comfort (if you can get him to put it in his mouth) is to swish with a little malox (sp) or any of those stomach coating upset tummy medicines OTC. They are pepperminty, so that might help. Not to swallow, but swish and spit.

  3. Hang in there. You got two great looking kids. I tell you everytime I look at the top of your screen and see Meg's cute little round face it makes me smile with delight. And I can tell Andy is going to be a teenage heart throb. So enjoy these moments. In a few years you will have different concerns.

  4. That sucks about Andy. I hope he feels better soon. Luckily, it's not like there's a whole lot going on for you at work right now--not like an annual meeting to prepare for anything.