Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back

First, the good news. Andy is all better. His mouth was sore through Saturday so he stopped talking on purpose. I was surprised to realize just how much he talks when he wasn't doing it anymore. It was nice while it lasted. He didn't really want to eat much so we got him into yogurt "smoothies" which are yogurt milked with milk, stirred and then poured into a sippy cup with a straw. It's now Tuesday and he's gone through probably 10 things yogurts. He thinks it's like a milkshake with the bonus that it's easy to make and good for him.

Now the bad news. Meg is sick. I know, you all knew that was coming. She started off with a little cough yesterday and woke up this morning with a little fever, runny nose and glassy eyes. I called the doctor's office to ask if they were worried about strep. They said most likely not, but it wasn't unheard of so bring her in just in case. Good news is it's not strep. Bad news is it's an ear infection. She's now on antibiotics (Omnicef) for 10 days to clear that up. Poor baby.

With this being her second ear infection in two months during the SUMMER, I'm a little worried that we may be headed for ear tubes this fall/winter. Dr. Staats said not to worry about that just yet as it could be just a string of bad luck, but with Andy's history of recurrent ear infections it may be in our future. Good thing we've been through it once so I'm not as freaked out as I was, but I'd still like to avoid it if we can. Sigh.
And now for your moment of Zen, that's me trying to ride Andy's bike.


  1. sorry to hear the Meg is sick... your house just can't shake it this summer! : (

    BTW...Nice picture of you on the bike!!! : )

  2. That is a GREAT picture!!!!! Classic of Andy looking at mom, going ????? bummer about Meg. does she take medicine ok or is it a wrestling match? (hopefully the former) Hope you guys are doing well!