Thursday, August 28, 2008

This and that

It's been over a week since operation binky removal began and I'm pleasantly surprised how well it went (knock wood, of course). Granted, the poor guy had to get strep throat and mouth ulcers last week that certainly made him not want to put anything in his mouth, thus breaking the familiarity of it, but still. He has so far only asked for it once and seemed okay with the explanation that he doesn't have a binky, he has a bike. I think if he were to get particularly tired and/or cranky, he might not take that so casually, but so far so good.

The kid's language skills continue to impress me. He's getting good at knowing that word starts with what letter so we make a game of it.

"Yogurt. Yuh-yuh-yogurt. What letter does that start with?"
"Andy, yogurt. Yuh-yuh-yogurt. What letter does that start with?"

Meg's fever has gone and she seems to be feeling better (again, knock wood.) What sucks is if her cough hits her just right, it makes her throw up like it did when she had a bad cold a couple of months ago. I was hoping that catching the ear infection and cold early would stop the cough from progressing that way, but I think she just has a hair trigger when it comes to that. I can only hope she eventually outgrows it and/or stops getting sick so often. In the meantime, I'll just have to plan to wear clothes that don't retain that fresh vomit smell.

Also notable this week, she now loves sleeping on her stomach. I put her to bed on her back and all when when I've come in after she's gone to sleep I find her on her belly. I think it helps her settle down now that she's not swaddled. I am hopeful this makes her head a little less flat, too.

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  1. Laura9:08 PM

    Stomach sleeping will change your life. It's the bomb.