Friday, August 08, 2008

Six month check-up

I took Meg for his six month check-up with the doctor today. The official report is that she is healthy and perfect. She weighed in at a healthy 20 pounds even (95 percentile), 27 inches tall (75-90th percentile) and 17 1/2 inches head size (90-90th percentile). She's basically a big, healthy girl, something I certainly already knew, but it's always nice to get official confirmation.

I had both kids with me today and I was stressed how it would go with him there since Meg was going to get shots. I figured him watching her get upset would be upsetting for him and generally make the whole thing even worse for me (it is all about me, right?) Instead, it worked well with him playing with toys in the waiting room until the basic supervision of a nurse. What's even more remarkable is that Meg was generally great with the shots. She got four -- two in each leg -- and she actually didn't cry for the first two. Nurse Sylvia said the first two were relatively easy in comparison, but the second two were thicker serums and had to go right into the muscle. With the third, she started to cry and then really cried with the fourth, but after a few seconds once I picked her up, she was pretty much over it. Granted, she's got a lot of real estate on her thighs for the shots and she's a lot older than she was at her last visit, but overall I was pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed that I'm not jinxing myself for a late reaction.

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  1. Holy smokes! 20 pounds. Wow! I would love to babysit her but I don't know if I could lift her.