Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy anniversary, who wants a washing machine?

Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. In some ways, the last 3,650 years [corrected: er, days -- thanks Aime. I imagine the time has gone by slower than I thought.] has gone by relatively quickly, but on the other hand, I look back on some parts (like when Andy was a newborn) and I can tell where time crawled. We are going out to dinner tonight where we had our first date. It's a little restaurant in Adam's Morgan called the Little Fountain (Jennifer is kindly babysitting for us .)

Well, to call it our first date isn't exactly right. I technically had a boyfriend at the time and Bjorn was taking me out "as friends." That night, we had dinner followed by a Japanese movie with subtitles at the Kennedy Center. When I told my boyfriend about my evening, he told me I'd been on a date. I denied it, but obviously he was right. And here we are.

So far, Bjorn has given me a beautiful pair of earrings, a manicure kit (that is very cool despite the way that sounds) and a beautiful silver and diamond watch. The watch, unfortunately, lacks a date or day function, which I absolutely must have since some days I'm not sure what day it is so the watch will get exchanged.

Bjorn said when he was shopping, he almost got me instead one of those front loading washer and dryers I have been coveting. He said he didn't get it because he was afraid I would say it wasn't romantic enough. So my question to you, how bad is it that I want to return his lovely jewelry offering to spend three times as much on a washer and dryer? Keep in mind the ones I want come in RED, which no doubt in 10 years will be like me snubbing my nose at olive refrigerators and beige dishwashers.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hmmm... "3,650 years"? Typo or Freudian slip? ;)

    Happy anniversary!


  2. Have a great time tonight! As for the w/d vs the watch - - take the w/d. And definitely get it in red. The beauty of this is that he didn't first buy you the appliance (to which you may have thought, "a major appliance for all the years I have dedicated to you and borne your children!?!?) Since it is now clear that you have him trained appropriately to think jewelry and other personal items as gifts, you can exchange them for the major appliance. I might suggest, however, that the understanding of "this is not permission to purchase other appliances such as toasters, mixers, pots or pans for any other celebration in the future unless specially requested." is documented. Preferably in writing with signatures. Love to both of you guys.

  3. Get the washer/dryer! I agree your friend above. He thought in the jewelry vein (and it truly is the thought that counts), now go return them and get the w/d. I have front loaders (the most basic kind) bought two years ago and my clothes have NEVER been so clean. there is a bit of routine maintenance that annoys me (excuse me -maintenance on an appliance?) but they are REALLY great at cleaning. Our ten year? I got nothin. Now granted, at the time, we owned two houses w/ no relief in sight (debt city) and he did mention wanting to get me another wedding ring. (there is a practical story. I lost it, it was insured and I took the money and bought a new fancy bed cuz I hated ours at the time...) I also took the month off of flying for a break... Haven't missed the ring...

  4. Laura2:48 PM

    Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 10 years. Crazy how time flies.

    I am all about the washer and dryer, btw.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I'd definitely take the washer and dryer too! And I don't the years typo is fixed yet, but congratulations on 3650 years!