Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This and that

Apparently my kids don't understand the concept that "fall back" daylight savings is the good one where you get to sleep an extra hour. Instead, they seem to believe they can stay up later and wake up earlier. Good times. So in lieu of a decent post, here are the highlights:
  • Meg can crawl. No, not fast. Yet. But she gets up on her knees and actually ooches forward.
  • Meg doesn't seem to answer to Meg, or even Baby Meg, but her head turns for Margaret.
  • Andy is obsessed with a book we found on the shelves about Professor Poopypants. It's a chapter book in the Captain Underpants series. In Googling it for this post, I found the Professor Poopypants Name Changer. My name is Flunky Toiletsniffer. You're welcome.
  • Bjorn has been working hard on this election for Obama. He was up until 3ish last night walking a route and putting "Vote" doorhangers throughout Fairfax. The cooler thing is he took a 17-year-old neighbor and her boyfriend to get a route, too. (When I typed that, it somehow seemed sketchy taking a teenager and her friend out at midnight, but it really isn't. Promise.)
  • I got a job working the polls today at my local elementary school. It's a non-partisan job. I get to stand outside the school and hand out sample ballots. Then after the polls close at 7, I get to help as they add up all the numbers. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I hope it's not totally lame.


  1. This is totally off topic, but I saw your comment you left on Tertia's blog about Waldorf schools and I had a question. Would you mind emailing me? jlraynes@gmail.com Thanks!

  2. the name changer is funny....we're Lumpy and Stinky Pizzachunks!!!

  3. Couldn't resist - we are Oprah (me) and Fluffy Chucklelips. When Henry gets up in the morning I will call him Cheeseball Chucklelips. Doesn't get much better than that.

  4. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Pinky Girdlechunks. And I have never heard of the Professor Poopypants series, but now I am a fan!

  5. Very cool for Bjorn to do that. I totally thought of you guys when watching the returns last night. I thought it quite moving. You guys made a difference. How cool is that???? VERY.

  6. Anonymous2:33 AM

    LUMPY Toiletsniffer. Great. The kids, in order, are Poopsie, Pinky, Stinky and Blinky Toiletsniffer. What a great family.