Sunday, November 16, 2008


Thanks for all your support about exchanging an anniversary present for a new washing machine. I did a lot of asking around and couldn't find a washing machine that I loved that met all the requirements. And since the one we have isn't broke, we decided to spend 50 times as much as the watch and get new replacement windows for the upstairs of the house. I know, I know, and to think they say romance is dead.

Our anniversary on Friday was very nice. Jennifer came to babysit and Andy loved getting to see her as well as eat Wendy's and watch two movies. Meg was blissfully asleep the whole time. The restaurant itself was quaint, but not as good as I remembered 14 years ago. That could partly be because my entree came with a sauce with stealth green olives that made my stomach hurt.

After dinner, we walked around Adams Morgan. It was buzzing on a Saturday night and it was funny to see what the 20-somethings are wearing these days when they go to get their drink on. Most of the bars we frequented back in the day are gone now, as is our beloved Burritos Brothers. We talked about how cool it would be to be urban pioneers, like our friends Armando and Wendy, who have had downtown addresses half a dozen enormous foreign and domestic cities. Then we went home to our quiet house in the suburbs and realized that mostly quiet at 11 on a Friday night was kind of nice.


  1. the windows sound really great too! If we were going to stay here in this old house, that would have been high on my wish list... Just think. quieter. better insulation. lower utility bills. Aaahhhhh. Sounds like a lovely anniversary present. (who am I???)

  2. You mail made me miss our house in Adams Morgan. What??? Burrito Brothers is gone? What's going on in this world?

  3. Yeah, Burrito Brothers is gone from Adams Morgan as well as Capitol Hill and downtown, supplanted by Chipotle, most likely. I think the lone location now is in Tyson's Corner.

    Wendy-next time you visit we'll have to take you there.