Wednesday, November 03, 2010


For the first time since we moved in, oh, August, I hooked up my camera and downloaded all my pictures. As you can see, I've been a little behind. Here are a few. I'll be adding more as time and interest allows.
Here's Andy on his first day of school.
Megan and Andy at Balmorhea, the largest natural outdoor pool where all the water is a balmy 62 degrees all year round.
Elizabeth and I somewhat by accident climbed a mountain at Ft. Davis with this crew. Everyone did surprisingly well, including the grown ups.
All four Deans at Ft. Davis.
We drove to see the Marfa Lights. I am so glad to see it. It was interesting but sort of a waste of time. I was expecting something very different, like a star show. Instead it was twinkling lights in the distance.
Big Tex! I managed to get to the Texas State Fair for the first time in 20 years.
Rebecca is a champion at "flipping chicks" where you hit a mallet into a frying pan to win prizes at the Fair. Elizabeth and I were champions at watching and drinking beer.  
Andy has been taking swimming lessons at Emler since we arrived. I am impressed with the program and his progress. Here he shows off his ribbon for being able to jump, look and turn.
Andy here is Spiderman at his school's "Book Character Day" (nee Halloween). Lots of girls in his class were Fancy Nancy. It was too adorable.
Meg also had to be Spiderman. Note -- she was SpiderMAN. She refused to be Spidergirl or Spiderwoman. She sort of like Spider Meg, but in the end, Spiderman won.

Both of my Spidermen.
"Shisha" Jennifer came to visit!

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