Thursday, November 04, 2010

More backlog

This is our master bathtub. Sure, I haven't actually taken a bath in it yet, but all the kids love it!
Doesn't this look like an album cover?
This is the kids with Miss Ayesha on Meg's last day with her. We were all in tears. She was a huge part of our lives and we miss her!
Flowers Bjorn sent me for my birthday, you know, in June. Note the "Happy Birthday Princess" balloon my equally sarcastic colleagues got me.
This is just a pretty picture from the top of the stairs looking at the entry. Looks like we have a grown up house now.
I know! How cute is she? I also love her pajama shirt "Dancing Makes Me Happy."
I miss this jokers a lot, too. These is a group of us getting some fine inexpensive beer after an indoor soccer game.
I miss these guys from outdoor soccer, too. What I don't miss? All that pesky running around outside without the promise of beer afterwards.
The guest room is finally furnished with a bed. When are you coming to visit?
See? An even better reason to come visit!

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