Saturday, November 20, 2010

Football is king

No surprise, football is a big deal here in Texas. Such a big deal that the bi-district game between the Southlake Carroll Dragons and the Colleyville Panthers was held at the new Cowboys stadium (there were three other teams playing there today as well, making good use of the facility). I was interested in going to the game, but I was mostly interested in checking out the new stadium. And it was indeed awesome.

It helps with the fun that our team won. Plus Andy (and the rest of us got to wear green to support the home team.). We went with some neighbors so the kids had others to play with.
In fact, it was such a good time Meg fell asleep in the parking lot leaving the stadium in Arlington.
This wasn't from today, but our friends today had this on her phone and sent it to me of her daughter with my kids from when she'd watched them for us a couple of weeks ago. It's such a wonderful picture of Andy especially that I had to share it. That kid can be photogenic sometimes, can't he?

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