Monday, November 22, 2010

Potty training = epic fail

Meg had been doing so well on the potty training front. She was ready. Then she did it! My girl went from diapers to panties and didn't look back.

Except. Well, now she's totally looked back.

So during the week, she doesn't mostly well at school. But once she's home with me, no amount of prodding, bribing or "racing" to the toilet seem to make a difference. Andy has become a champ at fake-racing where he tries to motivate her to go by challenging her to a, "Who's first? I'm going to beat you!" race. But even that has lost it's appeal. As a result, she has ruined about a half dozen pairs of girls panties (actually, they may not have been ruined, but I was not in the mind to do the scrubbing necessary to save a $.50 pair of girl's underwear). It's gotten so bad I practically have her in diapers or a pull-up most of the time at home because I was tired of cleaning up the carpet from accidents. 

Any tips out there on battling potty training regression? I know she can do it, but she's still a two year old for another couple of months and I have (somewhat) learned it's not worth it to get into a battle of wills with a person that age. 


  1. Jennifer5:45 PM

    I will have a talk with her when she is here. Then I will teach Andy how to put a string around his tooth and pull it out. I got this covered! :)

  2. Mary started early on the potty training of her own accord. She was so proud of herself! Then came the pee and poop all over the house. I said, enough! We went back to pull ups. The curtains were too expensive and custom made for a weird window in her room and she was peeing behind them on a regular basis. I moved the chair from the location in front of said window due to her hiding behind it to go. I completely stopped and just sort of asked now and again if she wanted to go. If she said no, I dropped it. After a bit, she decided that she wanted to, after all. She went to underwear full time (the second time around) a month shy of three. G was a week after turning three. I was really happy w/ diapers though and found them easy. So I didn't push. Finding the pee and poop though made me lose my mind! G gets constipated and then sometimes has accidents (though not in a long while) and yes, I just toss the things. Even the good stuff from Gymboree (love their underwear for kids). Total toss. Even moms have their limits.