Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking the rules

Between reffing football games and campaigning for Obama, Bjorn has been out a lot of nights lately. Usually I get Meg through a bath, final bottle, some quiet time together and then bedtime, then I work on Andy getting him through his bath and teeth brushing. Usually if there are "no crybabies" at bath time, I let him come to my room to watch an episode of Ninja Warrior on Tivo while he gets into his diaper for sleeping and pajamas (yes, he still sleeps in a diaper. He's 99 percent potty trained during the day with the occasional accident, but his diaper is still wet in the morning. I figure eventually he'll be ready to give that up eventually).

Anyway, after our bedtime routine, we usually read a book and then he goes to bed, but with Bjorn out so much and me being so tired, I have taken to letting him sleep in my bed until Bjorn comes home. Andy and I talk about it, how Daddy will come move him when he gets home because I don't want Andy to be scared when he wakes up in his own bed.

When Andy was a baby, he never really slept with us. There were the occasional one-off nights, but generally, he slept in his own crib for nap and nighttime. When I was pregnant last fall and Andy was starting to give up his afternoon nap, I started napping with him. Sometimes it worked better than others. If he's not tired, he gets all "kicky" and that makes me cross and neither of us gets sleep. But on a good day when we're both sleepy? Wow. It's actually rather heavenly to be cuddled up on my little guy. The time will come when he wants nothing to do with me, but right now I'm enjoying it.

I leave for Boston tomorrow. I think I have everything lined up for Bjorn while I'm gone. I'm not worried about Andy, but I do want to make sure he has Meg under control so I keep bothering him with stupid things like, "You know you can't leave her alone on the bed while you shower in the morning, right?" "You know you can't give her anything she might choke on, right?" "And don't forget to put a pillow behind her when she's sitting because she sometimes wipes out and bonks her head." "You know she really likes to watch Gilmore Girls reruns." Wait, that's me. Never mind.

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  1. Jack and I take naps together. And by that, I mean that I sleep while he watches movies.