Tuesday, September 09, 2008


It's official -- Meg has teeth. Two little clearish nubs are just poking through her bottom gums. I am excited and surprisingly melancholy that my little baby is growing up. Andy is thrilled about it though. He made a point to cheer her on, "Good baby! You're so good at growing teeth!" That just about killed me, too, it was so damn cute.

Meanwhile, I got a shout-out over from DC Blogs for my Hanna pictures. I am quite the celebrity, obviously. We went over to check out the lake yesterday after school and Andy and I were both amazed that all the water is gone now. What remains is mulch in weird places, a washed out walking path and mud everywhere. The mud line in the trees is about 15 feet high so you can see where the water went.

Andy was very happy that the water had gone down. The night before, he had a whole plan of how he would build a bulldozer to build a tunnel to get all the water to go away. He was quite serious about it. Bjorn and I were both impressed that he intended to build a bulldozer.

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