Saturday, September 27, 2008

Darling angel babies

My kids are changing before my eyes. Andy now says all sorts of stuff that baffles me. Like yesterday we were leaving Costco and we had this exchange.
"Mommy, your cheeks are red."
"You mean my teeth? From the smoothie?"
"No, your cheeks. You are embarassed."
"My cheeks are red because I'm embarassed?"
"Yes. That's right."

I thought it was just that I have that lovely fair complexion that turns red when the wind blows. Instead, it turns out I turn red when I'm lying. That's only notable because of this later exchange.

"Mommy, where's my green pen?"
"Andy, is broke. Remember?"
"And Daddy couldn't fix it?"
"No, he couldn't."
"And you're going to send it to the pen fixing store?"
"We tried. They can't fix it either."
"Mommy, you are embarassed."

Seriously, my kid is 3 1/2 and he's already figured out my tell when I'm lying. Bjorn thinks I am totally screwed.

Meg, on the other hand, is getting better and better with the solid food thing. She can pound a stage two jar mixed with a little rice cereal and she's getting quite coordinated at picking up some finger foods and actually getting then into her mouth, like sliced grapes and puffs. Granted, the end result is rather messy, which is why she had two baths today.


  1. CUTEST video. Ah, your kids are adorable. And the sleeper/outfit Meg has on is really cute too!

  2. Love the video. Really cute. Meg has such a sweet round face. I would love to have Jack Aidan have a date with Meg. Is she allowed out on a date?

  3. Back again. It was situations like this that brought about that line: OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABIES.
    Jack Aidan will not be able to date Meg this week. He has an ear infection in both ears.