Thursday, September 25, 2008

The conquering hero returns

Phew. It was a long week and I'm back. It feels great to be home. I went with Bjorn to pick Andy up from school who was thrilled to see me and kept saying he "miss-ed" me while I was gone. He also appreciated the gifts, although most special are the free chocolates from the Westin turn-down service, the green pen that lights up and the "special soap" that makes bubble bath, again from the hotel. I should enjoy this inexpensive gift giving. Certainly there will come a time when that's not enough and he'll instead demand a pony when I return from a trip. When I went to get Meg, it took her a few seconds to take in who I was. That was kind of cute to see her process my face and then smile big.

As expected, Bjorn did fantastic while I was gone. The house looks great (it helps that the maids came yesterday) and the kids are well fed and happy. Unfortunately, both seem to have slight colds today, but it has been nearly three weeks since our last illnesses so it was bound to happen.

The trip itself was long, but good. Our media coverage (my job) was fantastic and that makes up for a lot. I also managed to squeeze in a visit with an old college friend and a trip to Fenway Park in between working 13 hour days. It was a long hard week, both work wise and emotionally but I'm glad I went and I'm sure glad I'm home.

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