Saturday, September 13, 2008

Separation anxiety

Meg has discovered separation anxiety, and fuck, does it suck. It's bad enough that right now I can't even walk from the dining room the kitchen without a screech, but tonight I had to endure an hour of crying that turned into screaming before she would finally go to bed. I blame part of it on me. She initially went to bed happy and smiling and I went down to eat dinner. About 10-15 minutes later, she was still squawking a little so I went in to check on her. Big mistake. My checking on her seemed to just piss her off and she shrieked every time I tried to put her down or leave the room. I ended up feeding her again (apparently she was hungry so that was good). Bjorn came in to relieve me, but when I came in to give him something, Meg shrieked until I took her back. By then, she was just exhausted so I had to wait until she was all the way asleep to put her into bed. Ugh.

Clearly, there are lessons to be learned here. 1) She is now old enough to totally manipulate me. 2) I shouldn't have gone in to check. She was doing fine without me and probably would have settled down on her own. 3) She's has discovered how to go from squawking to shrieking. This development does not please me. 4) I need to read about re-Ferberizing in the era of separation anxiety. 5) I clearly need to drink more because this stuff just kills me.


  1. Oh, now isn't it interesting that before they can either walk and talk they can manipulate you big time. Hope you get some rest before your conference trip to Boston. Have fun there.

  2. Such little people and they can work it. Yea, damn good thing they are cute. Damn good thing. Good luck and enjoy your vacation. Oh, excuse me, work. I am incredibly jealous at this moment... Yea sleep!