Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get out the vote

Bjorn has gotten active in the Obama campaign. It's great because it means he's not in the house arguing politics with me. The strange thing is we have people coming to our house as a meeting point every Saturday and Sunday to go canvassing, meaning they go door to door asking people who they plan to vote for and trying to help the undecided make up their minds. The whole process has been rather fascinating, talking to the campaign people and hearing what really goes on. I've never lived in a state that was in play so to speak during a presidential election so it's very exciting seeing all the local activity for a national election for a change.

Andy and Meg are LOVING this process. It gives them a steady stream of people coming by the house all weekend telling them how adorable and cute they are. Andy in particular loves having young college aged women around to play soccer with him and flirt with. When the campaign is over, I think we're all going to miss all the activity.

There have been some bizarre gems being this close to the campaign trail, too. Like today, three boys from Woodson High School were canvassing and a lady answered the door and told them they were all going to hell. I get saying that to Bjorn, but three kids getting credit for government class?

Oh, and P.S. Bjorn's pneumonia is improving, thanks for asking. He still hacks a good bit, but not like before and the flop sweat a la Broadcast News is improving, too. Thanks for asking.

P.P.S. I guess this photo doesn't speak for itself. It's one of the organizers camped in our carport with signs, folders, etc. that she gives to volunteers to go canvassing.


  1. Man alive. Has there ever been a campaign like this before. The closest thing I can think of is JFK running in 1960 when a lot of folks were scared the Pope was going to move into the White House and run the country. I wrote a blog today just about these angry times in our country. Maybe it is the bad economy or the fact that Obama is Black or the fact that the religious right feels that they are losing their hold on the country but people sure are fired up and angry. I think everyone needs to calm down and control themselves before they open their mouths. Now how could you tell three nice young hard working students from Woodson High School that they were going to hell. I just don't understand this strange thinking.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    If anyone should be punished, be it in hell or whatever venue of reckoning your religion believes in, it's this woman for berating high school students. It's amazing that someone with that level of ignorance and fear can still manage to pay her mortgage and drive a car.

  3. People sure are passionate... just amazing. THINK woman!!! You may not care for Obama but Hell? that is a bit strong (a bit???).

    Flop sweat. That drew a mental picture that won't leave me anytime soon...!

  4. It's got to be exciting to be in a swing state and feel like you can make a difference by canvassing. I live in San Francisco. There is only one candidate here. The other guy just serves as food for fodder in the newspaper. The SF Chronical makes the Washington Post look like a conservative rag.

    The only real contest here is Prop 8 - the whole gay marriage thing. This is something that the locals can get their arms around. Diversity is apparently in the eyes of the beholder.

    As for your lady and the high schoolers. I have a witch who lives next door (and by that I mean a real-self-proclaimed-witch-wiccan). I will get her to send a pox her way. Shame on her. She deserves a few boils.