Friday, October 10, 2008


I swear Meg said "Mama" last night and meant me. My mother is here visiting and was holding Meg. It was close to bedtime and Meg wasn't so sure about Grandmother just yet so when Mom was holding her, I hear Meg say, "Mama" and reach out for me. That's right, 8 1/2 months and she said her first word. Clearly that kid is gifted.

I normally wouldn't believe it, but last weekend, our neighbors were holding Meg while I went to talk to the roofing guys. I had just walked away when Meg started to protest and Doris ran up to tell me she cried, "Mama" as I walked away. I didn't believe her then, but after last night, I do. What a precious darling angel baby. I think Andy's first word was "light" so "Mama" thrills me.

Meg is also this close to crawling. For a few weeks, she's been able to push herself backwards, roll and turn around to get places. I don't think she ever really was trying to get anywhere, it's more that she was so surprised and happy with her new skill. Then this morning I watched her go from her stomach to sitting to back on her stomach again. She's already getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth. I think she is probably minutes away from putting the whole thing together. That means I need to get serious about digging out the baby gates and worrying about where I put her down.

Andy, however, is going through a particularly ornery/whiney phase. I think he's generally overtired, but I'm really struggling with getting him to go to bed at a decent hour. Last night my mom had just arrived so he spent two hours going through his arsenal of yelling, whining, crying, and begging. It was ugly. Of course, he all but refuses to nap anymore so we're in this cycle of overtiredness.


  1. Way to go Meg!! Just goes to show that girls are smarter than boys. Not surprising at all.