Friday, October 31, 2008

Nine months

My precious darling angel baby went in for her nine month doctor's visit today. She was in very good spirits and seemed perfect (just like in this picture), only to find out she has a double ear infection. The only bonus to the ear infection is it delays her getting her shots for another two weeks. She did have to get her toe stuck to draw blood to test for anemia. The nurse had me hold her in my lap when she drew the blood. I winced, but Meg just kept chewing the top on the baby Tylenol and didn't flinch. She clearly has a much higher pain threshold than I do.
Here are the stats:
  • Weight - 23 pounds, 10 ounces -- 95+ percentile (I think it's really 100+, but her doctor is clearly sympathetic to her being a girl and doesn't want her to get a complex so early.)
  • Height -- 29 inches -- 75-90 percentile
  • Head size -- 18 1/2 inches -- 95+ percentile.

The long and short of it (heh) is that she is a big, healthy girl right now. Someone asked me if I was worried about her weight. I am not and generally I find that to be such an odd question. She's a baby. She's not even crawling yet so it's not like I could get her to exercise even if I wanted to. Do they want me to put her on Atkins or something?

The truth (according to my one experience) is that babies bulk up in the first months of life when they eat a lot and aren't that active. Then at about a year, they go off high-calorie formula/breast milk and start eating peas and chicken. At the same time, they get so busy with cruising, crawling, walking and generally cramming toys into their mouths that they get taller and leaner without really getting much heavily.

That said, her size is practically killing my left wrist. I plan to do some shopping this weekend for some type of baby backpack to shift the weight. With Andy going all sorts of places, including many that are not stroller friendly, I really need some way to carry her. She's basically gotten too big for the Baby Bjorn so I am leaning towards some type of Kelty Baby Backpack. Any other recommendations?


  1. So sorry to hear about the ear infection - - but apparently it's not bothering her!?! I think she looks GREAT and as I said before, there's nothing better than a nice huggable baby (except, as you pointed out - - you have to carry her around!) Good luck with the transportation issues. Both of my guys remained in the 20th percentile of everything through their 1st year. That is why my upper body strength still sucked!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. she is beautiful!