Friday, October 17, 2008


Andy has become enchanted with the digital camera and insisted that he take a picture of my mom when she was visiting. Clearly, he has a little work to do before turning pro.
Mom's picture of Andy, however, was pretty darn good.

Meg was loving my mom being here almost as much as my mother liked cuddling on a little grandbaby. I'm not sure which game they were playing, but they both seem pretty darn happy about it.

This is Meg wearing one of the two, that's right, two lobster Halloween costumes my mother brought. Apparently one was my niece Megan's, the second came from my parents' trip to Boston. Fortunately, you can't see in this picture that Meg was recovering from an ear infection that made her eyes all mucusey. Poor baby was all red and crusty in the eyes making her look like she'd just recovered from a meth bender.

I love this picture. Bjorn is giving Meg an evening bottle (you can't really tell but she's also wearing Halloween pajamas that say "Boo.") Andy is refusing to let Bjorn alone and wants to play Ninja Warrior -- climbing the "Daddy Slid-A". Bjorn also looks remarkably good here, especially considering that about a week later his bad cough was diagnosed at pneumonia.


  1. How is Bjorn?

  2. While the photo that Andy took of your Mom is not the "best" - - I am sure that you realize that the family resemblance to you is quite striking. I know I run a risk saying this. I said it to my sister once and she didn't talk to me for a year. Seems like you have a better relationship with your mom than she does - - so I'll take the risk. Your mom is lovely and so are you.

    Bjorn looks not much worse for the pnemonia - especially with kids attached to him. Hope he's feeling better.

    LOVE the lobster hat. Was thinking that perhaps her body shape is more conducive to, say, Manatee (if you felt compelled to stay in the sea-creature genre!) And I mean that in the most loving way! None of my babies were squish-em-up-hug-em like Meg. I craved for some thing other than angular butts. The photos just make you want to squeeze her. Just as cute as a manatee!