Sunday, October 26, 2008

A little bit OCD and Pre-Halloween

Andy is going through a slight OCD phase. He recently went through and paired up all the shoes in the house. He also went through all the toy bins in the house (there are several in various locations on three floors) and collected all the stacking cups to put them in order (see picture below).
From when he was a baby/toddler, I think I have three or four sets. They are all made from different manufacturers obviously since some start at with the biggest at 8 and work to one and others start with the biggest at 1 and go to 8. They are also a colorful assortment. After we located all we could find, he spent time organizing them by number. I'll admit I'm totally proud of how his mind is really working these days. Well, when his mind isn't totally focused on how to solicit another cookie out of me or Bjorn. Aw, hell, I find that pretty impressive, too.

We went to the Halloween festival in the neighborhood and I snapped this picture. The lighting is a little too bright (which is sort of good since you can't see the candy remnants on his face unless you really look for them), but I just love how it turned out.

Here he is posing at the festival with his Thomas costume on. After he got a few pictures taken and proudly pointed out the other three Thomases we saw there, he took it off so he could properly jump on the moon bounce and climb the slides.

We went to a Spooky Lunch on Saturday and Andy proudly decorated a pumpkin, which is now adorning our front porch. At this party, he also started with his costume on and promptly took it off after a few group pictures. He has now worn his costume twice. He now has to wear it to school on Friday and then out trick or treating Friday night. I would say we have definitely gotten our $22 worth. After I bought it, he spent two weeks refusing to even try it on so
I am thrilled that he has worn it at all.

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