Saturday, February 09, 2008

Big brother update

Everyone keeps asking how Andy is doing with this whole big brother nonsense. So far (knock on wood), he seems pretty good. He hasn't really complained that I've been busy with Meg and generally any brattiness seems to be related to being three and not necessarily to the new addition to the house. Of course, I must caveat this by saying there have been a lot of people around to pay attention to Andy. The first week and a half, Bjorn was home and then my mother came to help for five days so there have been extra hands to help Andy feel loved. It hasn't hurt that a lot of my friends and relatives have been kind enough to bring big brother presents for Andy so the big brother business has sure come with some perks for him.

Next week is the first real test as Bjorn will be at work and I'll be on my own. I think I'm up for it. At least I hope so. I can handle Meg (more or less) by myself during the day, but the evenings when it's me and both kids by myself are going to be interesting. The good news for Andy is he'll probably get to watch a lot more Thomas and Little Einsteins in the evenings when I have to tend to Meg or attempt to put some dinner on the table.

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  1. glad to hear that Andy is hanging in there! Also love that the cat is right there in Andys/ Bjorns game. very nifty. Another child in the house and the cat goes with the flow!