Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Growth spurt

Meg is going through a growth spurt apparently. Either that or she's decided eating non-stop is a fun way to keep her parents up all night. I swear yesterday I was trapped under a 10 pound child for most of the day while she ate and ate and ate and I was prevented from getting anything done, like eating dinner or going to the bathroom (or even picking up the floor as you can see in the picture). Cheeky little girl. She's also decided to become more alert, which is great except when it's been three hours and I'm really ready for her to go ahead and sleep already because I'm tired.

In her alert periods, I'm trying to remember what to do with an awake infant other than carry her around all day (her preference, not my back's). It turns out she likes her mobile and her little occasionally crossed eyes can now follow the animals for a bit. Andy also really likes the mobile and always wants to climb into the crib with her. Bjorn (foolishly, in my mind) taught him now to put his feet into the slats of the crib so now he knows how to do it. I am already envisioning a time when we move her to her crib full-time when he climbs in when we're not around and either hurts her while trying to hug her or falls out of the crib and cracks open his head. Yes, I do worry a lot.

Andy has generally been good about Meg, but I'm finding that if I am stuck nursing her for an hour in the evening, he finds that to be a great time to play with the electrical outlets or other off limit item despite my ever louder chorus of, "Andy, leave that alone. ANDY, put that down! I mean it, NOW, do you want to sit in time out? Please, I beg you, Mommy is stuck, just put that down already."

Meanwhile, keep this little baby who is exactly the same age as Meg in your thoughts. She's undergoing another surgery today. Yikes.

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