Thursday, February 28, 2008

Girly parts

After three years of changing diapers on a boy, I must admit that looking at a little girl naked looks very strange. Boy parts are just so obvious somehow - nothing hidden, it's all out there. With Meg, it has taken me a little while to get used to her diaper because I hate to, you know, invade her privacy. Somehow it seemed natural to invade the privacy of a boy, but you know how girls are. God, the gender stereotyping starts at hour one. I did ask my pediatrician about what to clean, just to make sure. Her answer (if you're curious) was just to clean the poop and leave the girl parts alone unless there is poop there. Makes sense.

What is also startling about changing a girl is when she pees on the table. Penises just shoot at you so it has taken me by surprise several times when she has peed on the table. "Hey, that's weird. What's all that water? Hey..." She's done this every couple of days since birth and it STILL surprises me.

Speaking of girl parts, Andy is fascinated with my "bleasts." When I'm nursing Meg or pumping, he really wants to come and stare at my chest. I am trying to play it cool and use real terms in the hopes he'll leave me alone, but I'll admit, as natural as it is, I do find it a little creepy.


  1. I asked my peditrician the exact same thing about Marys parts... My husband couldn't understand why, if I was a girl (I am) that cleaning girl parts seemed so weird to me. It did and sometimes still does (though not as much). You just get used to cleaning boy parts!


  2. Jack went through a phase in which he was obsessed with nipples.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I love naked baby girls I will gladly clean her for you, I babysit my nieces and diaper change time is my fav time, LOVE seeing and touching the little p---y