Saturday, February 23, 2008

One month

Meg is four weeks today. It's hard to believe how far we've come in just a month. The big thing this week is that she has woken up. She is now having longer stretches of being awake. It's really neat watching her observe the world (well, the world within 12 inches). She's not smiling back yet, but she's definitely testing out how to smile. Now if her awake periods would also translate into longer sleeping, we'd be all set.

The big drama last week was she had a couple of days of being really fussy/gassy. After talking with Maria who is helping us as nights, she diagnosed the problem as broccoli I had eaten earlier. I never eat broccoli, but it was in a casserole someone brought by (I love that people bring food. What a great gift! Now if I could just keep the big boys from eating is all.) After the broccoli episode on Thursday, Meg had a much better day on Friday. Serves me right for eating something green.

In the past month, I've gotten better about handling two kids at once. I marvel to think how really big families with five plus kids handle things because two just seems overwhelming sometimes. I slowly figuring out how to prioritize when both kids desperately (it seems) need something.

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do about daycare and work. I have Meg tentatively down for a spot at a school affiliated with Andy's. I really liked the baby room, but the downside is it's a separate facility a 1/2 mile away meaning I'd have to make two separate stops. Not the end of the world, but not ideal. They also don't have a spot available until June when I really need something in May. Some soccer friends take their kids to a KinderCare around the corner and really like it (one family likes it so much they commute from Mt. Vernon to Burke every day). The downside there is that of the four kids we know who go there, they are aged four and two so Andy wouldn't walk in with friends in his class. The upside is it's really close to the house. I also want to investigate some in home care and possibly even a nanny. I would worry that Andy would be bored staying home with someone and the baby all day, but if it were the right person with the right outlook (and price), I would be persuaded.

Of course, in my sleep deprivation/getting through the day sane mode, I haven't followed up on any of this. Or scheduled Meg's six week check-up. Or scheduled my own six week check-up. Next week, hopefully.

Picture is of Andy's new house in the backyard, compliments of a neighbor who gave us first dibs before she offered it on Freecycle. We also ended up with a big plastic slide adding to the menagerie of plastic objects in our backyard.

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