Saturday, February 16, 2008

Potty training

We're working on potty training -- just what I need when my hands are newly full, but it's a step in the right direction that Andy is finally interested. For the past few days, he has been occasionally wearing underwear at home. The rub is that we have to bug him every 15 minutes to see if he has to go on the potty, but after enough prompting, he's been going. He now proudly stands on a stool in front of the toilet and pees standing up "like Daddy." It's real progress on the potty training front, but I'm finding it challenging to have a baby attached to my boob in one hand and helping Andy pull up and down his pants. I have a new appreciation for the phrase/word multi-tasking, that's for sure.

Andy had his three year check-up with the doctor yesterday. He weighs 33 pounds and is 37 3/4 inches tall, 75th percentile for weight and 50th for height. He passed all the motor skills and language challenges Dr. Staats posed him (as he flirted with her by showing his gymnastic moves while wearing only a pull-up and his green socks). They also asked him to pee in a cup. It seemed like an odd challenge to a kid who can't regularly pee in the toilet, but I took him into the bathroom and he surprised me by performing. Now, naturally after getting so much praise, he wants to pee in a cup at home, too. They also screened him for anemia and cholesterol. I was surprised by the cholesterol test, but apparently some kids have bad diets and need the early monitoring. He passed both tests with flying colors, scoring a 95 on the cholesterol test (under 150 is considered good, apparently).

To no surprise, Meg's sleeping continues to be a challenge. I actually don't mind getting up to do a super early morning feeding, it's when she refuses to go back to sleep afterwards that I wish I were dead. The smartest thing I have done this time around is hire a night nanny to come twice a week to help out. A friend recommended a woman who is a full-time nanny during the week, but who loves babies so she picks up some evening work taking care of newborns overnight. Maria has only been twice, but it's amazing the difference is makes to know that twice a week, I'll get a good night's sleep. Maria will give Meg one of the feedings and then wake me for the second so my boobs don't explode. She'll also do all the changing and rocking back to sleep. She's not cheap, but I figure my sanity is worth it. If only I were Christina Aguilera and could afford a 24/7 baby nurse. No wonder these silly celebrities talk about loving having a newborn since they have help that takes care of the baby while they go to premieres along with a personal trainer and chef.

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm if u need help I would love to take your little boys pants down, I'm into little boys