Friday, February 01, 2008

Bilirubin down

Good news - bilirubin count is finally on the way down so we're finally done with the daily heel sticks. Part of the problem the last two days had been her lack of, er, output. Apparently bilirubin is removed from the body through poop and she wasn't pooping so we were instructed to get children's glycerin suppositories, cut one in half, insert (I know, ew) and wait. Bjorn kindly volunteered to do the dirty work and about 9 last night, he put her on the diaper table for the procedure that somehow, she slept through. Within about a minute, before the diaper even went back on, she had pooped and managed to have three more dirty diapers in the next hour. She hadn't been particularly fussy yesterday, but I imagine she felt much better afterwards.

Today Bjorn took her for her doctor's appointment where her bili count was down to 17.6 from 18.1 yesterday. Apparently once the counts start to go down, they rarely come back up so she should be home free from jaundice. Jaundice certainly isn't that big a deal, nothing like what's happening over here, but it was still a little scary and we're glad it's over. Our next appointment isn't for another week.

While Bjorn was at the doctor's, I took Andy to our regular Friday playgroup to try to get some one on one time with him. It was good for both of us to see our friends and check out some more Thomas books. This time as we looked at the books on the shelves, he kept saying, "We have that one," to just about every title. I do believe we have read every Thomas book in the entire Fairfax County Library selection at least half a dozen times so it's funny that he's just NOW catching on to that fact. I suggested we pick another type of book and he said no and opted for two Thomas books instead. You can't blame a guy for knowing what he likes.

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