Sunday, March 09, 2008

The no nap crisis of 2008

Andy is quickly outgrowing his afternoon nap. This isn't a surprise as he is three and that's when kids naturally start to outgrow it, but it turns out we really need that nap. I need the break, and damn, that kid does too or else he's luggage come bedtime. Unfortunately, evenings are also when Meg is awake and fussy so I am juggling two cranky kids through the maze of dinner, bath and (hopefully) bed. Neither wants to give me long enough to get the other situated so I find I have two crying kids for two hours and at the end, I want to cry myself and/or finish a gallon of vodka. By the end of it, when they're both in bed and asleep, I love them more than anything, but in those moments? Well, not so much.

Everything is improving every day, including my ability to multitask. Meg woke up last week a full-fledged infant. She's able to spend 15 minutes under her mobile happily staring, waving her arms and legs and talking to the animals. She hasn't quite figured out how to smile yet, but she's really close. She can also coo a little bit. Her eyes are still slate blue, but they are lightening up ever so slightly.

And despite Andy being an obnoxious three year old, he can actually be quite useful. He loves to help and I am finding him great at grabbing a burp cloth for me or getting the washcloth to give Meg a bath. Granted, his lack of attention span makes him far from a reliable apprentice, but at least for that moment I know he doesn't have a wet screwdriver in the electric socket.

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  1. I am sorry to report that I laughed out loud at your recent post. I am laughing not because your issue is particularly funny -- but that I can still remember those days with such clarity it is frightening! One thing that seemed to work for us was doing George's bath before dinner. Admittedly, you don't get the stuff that dinner leaves behind, but it tended to relax him and dinner was easier and subsequently so was bed. I usually tried to feed Henry in the bathroom while he played. I thanked the powers that be for all the wonderful bath things - - bubbles, the crap that turns the water colors and every floating thing, that kept him occupied for 30 minutes. It's worth a try at any rate. Having said this, there are few things like the hell of giving up that afternoon nap. If all else fails -- try the vodka around 4:00. Why wait until you really need the full effect to administer the cure? Ha ha ha. w