Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Projectile vomiting 101

Meg has discovered throwing up. I was hoping she could wait on that until her freshman year of college so at least I wouldn't have to clean it up. She has thrown up three times of varying degrees in the last 12 hours, including one massive barf all over the bassinet we borrowed (don't worry, Jenn, it will be clean before we give it back!) Fearing something other than overacheiving spit-up, I took her to the doctor's today who says she has reflux (an official diagnosis of profusely spitting up).

She recommended putting a little rice cereal in her bottle as well as elevating her crib mattress to an incline by putting a phone book or towel under one end. Considering the bassinet now has to be totally reassembled, it looks like we're moving her to the crib. I'm going to see how it goes and if it's not better by next week for her well visit, we may consider a baby antacid.

Fortunately, she seems happy and mostly unbothered by all this. I, however, have gone through two different sweaters this morning alone. On the bright side, this is making me look back into my closet to get my regular clothes back into the rotation.
On the Andy front, he's trying hard to give up his afternoon nap. There are many days though where if he doesn't lay down for a bit by three or four in the afternoon, he's a raging pile of toddler mush like in the picture above. He'd gone on a walk with me in the morning and then to Costco with Bjorn around lunchtime. Despite protests, "I am NOT tired. I do NOT need a NAP," I finally coerced him into his room to change him out of his clothes that were soaked due to a lid malfunction in the car. I left him on his bed for a minute to go take care of Meg and came back to find him totally passed out. He then slept for 2 1/2 hours. Clearly he didn't need a nap.

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