Monday, March 17, 2008


Andy has been generally really sweet and wants to play and hug his sister. I just need to make sure I'm watching so he doesn't try to hug her putting his butt over her face.

Giving kids boxing gloves is a great idea, isn't it? Clearly this was an idea their fathers came up with.

Tia, Meg and Andy at the zoo. If you can read his shirt, it says "Future Aggie Vet." Mary shirts for Andy and one for Meg, but the one for Meg is 18 months so Andy has been proudly wearing it as an undershirt for the time being. The concept of it being his sisters doesn't seem to register.

Precious darling angel baby when sleeping. When screaming? Not as much, but there is something very special and magical about a sleeping baby. If only they came with on/off switches.

Andy's self-declared best friend Mia holding Meg. I love this picture of Mia.

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