Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The one with all the cake

It was my birthday yesterday. It wasn't even an interesting birthday like one that ended in five or zero of even nine or one. Nope, just your average middle, gasp, late 30s birthday and my friends (and husband) are the very bestest in the whole while world. Better still, some of my friends came over without even being bribed to help me get the house (somewhat) properly cleaned and staged. Liz even brought cake. While I'm doling out the thanks, I must say Bjorn's family and gone above and beyond in this whole getting the house ready to list ordeal. They even worked last weekend while I was out of town finishing cleaning, mowing and tidying. Stunningly awesome, those folks.

How much better does it get? Sure, I'm stressed out and sleep deprived, but I also want to cry out of happiness I am so honored by the whole damn thing.

The house lists tomorrow. I am ready to get on with it already, but it's sort of like having a baby, I'm sure. It's not like the work ends tomorrow. Rather, in a sense it's just starting.

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  1. This part is a different part of the pain but more upkeep stuff. You guys really HAVE done all the really hard work (ok, wait till the actual move but why go there now?) and it is all maintenance. Clean, clean, clean. Hopefully, you won't run into those who want to lowball for kicks (darts? voodoo dolls?)and you will have LOTS of competitive offers, right out of the box.

    That is SO beautiful that all have helped and contributed (Bjorn's family sounds as amazing as yours. How wonderful is that?!!!). Very cool. It is going to happen. FAST. I wish you fast.