Friday, June 11, 2010

Under contract

So our plan is all coming together. I'm almost embarrassed to say it for fear it will jinx it, but we got a contract on the house this week, praise heavens and Realtor Viv. Ironically, it's a family moving here from Texas. I wonder if our Texana around the house sealed the deal. I am beyond thrilled about the whole thing, but now I'm starting to get terrified about the next steps, like, oh, packing and moving, plus picking a new house, securing a mortgage and trying to coincide two closings with a trip to Australia, two jobs, two small children and a cross country move. Really, universe, I am not an overachiever like this so it all makes me pretty nervous to try to get everything together.

We have the home inspection on our place on Monday, which is good that it's then since my mom is visiting now for Andy's adorable yet completely unnecessary pre-school graduation today. Bjorn's also flying in late tonight so we can celebrate his birthday. I'm then going to fly down to Dallas next weekend for 24 hours to see Bjorn's top house candidates and hopefully make an offer on something.

As my folks would say, I've got some high-class problems.

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  1. WOOHOO!!! Wonderful news! So very exciting! Crossing my fingers that all goes well (and I bet it does!). That is GREAT!