Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a weekend

Bjorn turned 34 today (convenient what we me turning 29 and all a couple weeks ago). He came home for the weekend. It was so nice and normal that I have sort of forgotten that the next time he's here will be when we move out.
My mom came to visit. She bought me a new camera for my birthday to replace the one the beach destroyed and all I could do nice for her was take this awful picture. Thanks, Mom!

I have no idea what he's doing, but I love it.
Andy celebrated his end of soccer season party and got a trophy. Yay for trophies! I used to mock "participation trophies." Now I get it. I then tried to get him into watching the USA v. England game but he decried it "boring" and I decried his attitude one that must be in another room.
I didn't mean to take this artistic picture of her, but look how awesome and perfect her face is?
We had Andy's preschool graduation Friday. The folks at the George Mason CDC really did a nice job. Here they are preparing for a song to sing the parents.
The event was complete with caps. Sadly, no gowns as I had expected or I might have dressed him a little better. Also weird is that while he has "graduated," he's still got the summer there. Good thing he doesn't really understand what it means yet.

Andy standing outside his school. I've been quite impressed with them. I hope we can find something as good in Southlake for Meg.


  1. Wonderful pictures! You guys having a whirlwind kind of time right now, aren't you? Wow! Happy Birthday to you and to Bjorn! and if that is his age, I like it as I think I am the same age? Or close? I can totally get behind that. My face really needs to be in my thirties again. I bet you find something wonderful for Meg, too. Are you already on a gazillion waitlists?

  2. oh, and the trophies. OH. George (and now Mary has her first from gymnastics)loves them. Or he did. I think this year is sort of mildly over it, though he has gotten participation and personal best(for when he beats his old time) ribbons for swim meets and he does LOVE those.