Monday, June 14, 2010


Bjorn was home this weekend. He was barely home for 48 hours, but it took us all no time to get back into our normal family groove. The little kids absolutely loved it. I could tell Margaret especially had really missed him. Andy's old enough to understand more of what we're doing, but Meg really isn't. She's definitely been more clingy lately and picks up a lot of my tension trying to get it all together. We made the mistake of trying to cram too much into such a short time, but it was totally worth it. Except that it wasn't. Seeing him in some ways made it harder because it was just so good to all be together. So today we're all just sad. Part of me is also sad that our life here is coming to an end. Our life in this house -- where we brought both our babies home from the hospital -- is almost up. Bjorn will likely not be back here until it's time to move out.

Fortunately, I'll see him again Friday when I fly down to hopefully make an offer on a new house on Saturday. By then, I think I'll start to get super excited about the options down in Dallas rather than dwelling on all the work that has to be done. I am about 2/3rds of the way on this marathon and I'll admit I'm pretty tired.

Our home inspection was today. Fingers crossed it went okay. We have a weird radon detector set up in our basement, too, with all sorts of signs saying don't touch. I don't think the radon detector has any idea of it's up against with Monsters 1 and 2 in this house.

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